News and Updates

Some quick updates from what has been a busy spring/early summer.

  • Work continues on a looping/ambient CD, this time of normal CD length. I am exploring the idea of multiple unsynced loops at once. I am also continuing to research alternative ways of setting up my guitar synth/looping rig. Boomerang III? Triple Play? The Boomerang is stereo, which is amazing, and allows 4 loops at once, with their own decay rates. But it doesn’t have the Echoplex’s unrounded multiply function which I use a lot. I need 2 Echoplexes for stereo though, and prices are pretty high. I can’t do multiple loops at once on an Echoplex, either. As far as the Triple Play, I don’t want to bring a laptop out to gig with, and it is incompatible with the 13-pin out on my Brian Moore Guitar. Tracking is fast, and when recording, you have lots of sound options. But my goal is to have a simple, easy,setup for live playing, which is almost always in mono. This might leave me with all older gear, which isn’t always a bad thing. I hate mountains of wires, and a long setup time. This might eliminate my Fractal AX8 from my looping rig, though. Decisions.
  • Writing and demoing is happening on Julie Black’s 4th CD, and we hope to hit the studio this fall. No idea what form the CD will take…it might be something like digital downloads to start. Carrying around boxes of CDs seems ridiculous in this day and age, and isn’t the way most people listen to music. Plus, they are expensive to make. We are also working on studio issues, like fixing some wiring, organizing, and coming up with new ways to record.
  • If you are friends with Julie Black on Facebook (or me), we Facebook Live 1 song from rehearsal every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern. It is an interesting look into the rehearsal process, which is hidden a lot by bands. Now I am noticing lots of bands in the area doing something similar. Did we start a trend?
  • I am playing many shows with Julie this summer, check out the dates on her page. Solo ambient dates have been scarce as I rebuild my rig into something portable that gives me the options I need. Modern gear is great, but routing becomes a problem. I do have many solo acoustic shows this summer though, doing my improvised loopy stuff.
  • I will try to be using some downtime to work on my Facebook artist page, and this website, which take time to update and promote. Thing is, as an individual artist, you only have so many hours of the day. I wish I could ask an assistant to do this sort of thing, but in the end, that person is me.

Keep checking back. When recording starts for Julie’s CD, I plan on having a studio log, with pics and notes from recording. It will be her most ambitious recording yet, with music not easily thrown into a stylistic box (my favorite kind).

ABC-TV Appearance and New Ambient Track

First, the new ambient track was recorded in stereo with a Fractal AX8 and a Boomerang III, which is capable of recording 4 unsync’d loops that overlap and don’t line up rhythmically. This song is part of a group of demos for a new CD. I will be writing more like this for an upcoming CD. This one is called Here Child, Finish Your Nothing.

The next item is from a Julie Black appearance on ABC-TV’s Morning Blend show. We played one acoustic song (Majesty of Hope) that appears on her 3rd CD, Follow the Muse.

Check out our appearance here.

The green room at the ABC studios.

Our view across the studio

Projection on the floor of ABC-TV studio

Watch a clip of me recording the solo in the recording studio.



WMNF Live Music Showcase


This Friday, we were on WMNF-FM 88.5 Tampa radio for their live music showcase. When we were on the show last year, one of our band members couldn’t make the show so we had about a day to scramble and get a set list together. This time, we were ready.


WMNF’s cable wall. There are a lot of cables there!

This is the first radio show with our new bass player, and it was being filmed for the station’s YouTube channel as well as for live streaming video.

The show went well, and was a nice and relaxed interview and performance, as we know many people at the station. This was to promote a show later in the day at Tampa’s Skipper’s Smokehouse, which is a blues hotspot on the West Coast of Florida. We tend to get lumped in a lot with blues shows and festivals (jazz, too), but those descriptions are not quite accurate.

The gear in the cases before the show.

The gear in the cases before the show.

Waiting for soundcheck.

Waiting for soundcheck.

The gear I used was my Ernie Ball Silhouette Special, a Fractal AX8 amp modeler (direct in stereo) and an Ebow. Not a lot to carry, which I really like.

The 2 guitars used for the show. I only used the blue one. Note the Ebow.

The 2 guitars used for the show. I only used the blue one. Note the Ebow.

The Fractal Ax8, setlist, and WMNF's tangle of cables.

The Fractal Ax8, setlist, and WMNF’s tangle of cables.

The show later that night went well, and the Fractal AX8 sounded positively massive through the monitors on stage. We went ampless again, which I really like. I can control the stage volume much better, and my ears don’t ring for days. I also don’t have to lift heavy amps anymore.

On the road to the gig!

On the road to the gig!

Looking out from backstage.

Looking out from backstage.

My view looking down at the gig.

My view looking down at soundcheck. 




SoLocalPasco Podcast



SoLocalPasco is a podcast in the Pasco County area focusing on the arts, culture, politics, and general news in the area. When print and broadcast media fails us, things like podcasts and Twitter take over. Greg Smithwick does an amazing job covering our area, and he understands how to ask the good questions. Here is an appearance on his show recorded last week, and airing today. Listen to Another Season of Heartbreak in this video.

You can also listen to the whole interview here, which includes the song Love Grande as well. This song is available on Julie’s 3rd CD, Follow the Muse.