Appearance on ABC-TV!

Screenshot of performance on ABC

I appeared on the ABC TV show Morning Blend playing my new Godin Montreal Premiere. This was to promote a few new singles from songwriter Julie Black. There were lots of good shots of the guitar, and it looked great. Two songs were filmed, with one banked for use later.
Here is the direct link to the performance.

I have another appearance scheduled in a few weeks, but that is solo instrumental acoustic stuff.

It was a little strange to do a duo song on electric guitar, but it sounded great. No pedals were used- just plugged into a Tech 21 Trademark 10, direct to the board. Great sound!

SoLocalPasco Podcast



SoLocalPasco is a podcast in the Pasco County area focusing on the arts, culture, politics, and general news in the area. When print and broadcast media fails us, things like podcasts and Twitter take over. Greg Smithwick does an amazing job covering our area, and he understands how to ask the good questions. Here is an appearance on his show recorded last week, and airing today. Listen to Another Season of Heartbreak in this video.

You can also listen to the whole interview here, which includes the song Love Grande as well. This song is available on Julie’s 3rd CD, Follow the Muse.